M​a​n​ ​v​s​ ​P​y​t​h​o​n​ ​i​n​ ​P​o​n​d

The young man struggled with two 500kg giant pythons in an abandoned lake
This whole scenario is obviously 100% staged. There’s no way any wild snake would display this calm behavior around people that tried to grab it by it’s head and move it around. If the snakes were wild, they would have been highly alert, hissing at them to tell them not to get closer, then if they didn’t heed that warning, bitten them repeatedly whenever given the chance – witch they had many times, but didn’t! That itself reveals that this is staged!! It’s sad to see people create these nonsensical videos just to get views. It’s both abusive to the animals and portrays them in a very twisted way.

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